Supplier & Order Management

Order manager to your supply chain based in India

We understand how hectic it can be to manage orders from the off-shore manufacturers, especially when you work with the same supplier for years, and still, every time you face some issue in regards to order fulfillment. As your supplier is based in another country, you cannot do much in regards to improving your supply chain process. And this is where we step in to put that burden on our shoulders.

You need us to manage your order if

  • You are constantly ordering items from India or you have an existing project in India
  • You frequently face issues regarding product quality and delays in the proposed lead-time.
  • Having multiple suppliers in India, manufacturing assembly parts of a single product, and you want someone to handle them all and need help with consolidation.
  • You’re shifting your supply chain in the hands of the new supplier in India.
  • If your supplier has no clue on how to run Export operations or has order fulfillment issues due to improper Export procedures.
  • Absence of professional approach in your current supplier.

Our method

  • Meeting with both parties.
  • Discussing the scope of the project and understanding the operations.
  • Understanding the limitations and setbacks.
  • Reviewing order history and comparing it with the current scenario.
Pre-production information review
  • Reviewing product data i.e., technical information of the product
  • A total number of products and their order quantity verification.
  • Deciding production plan and overall lead time.
Production monitoring
  • Constant communication with both parties throughout in-production order.
  • Communicating in-production key information in a timely manner.
  • Providing support and suggest solutions to settle unforeseen issues during production.
  • Taking responsibility to communicate any in-production changes or modifications to the supplier.
  • Carrying out mid-production inspection or post-production inspection.
  • Detailed product quality checks i.e., as per technical details provided by the client.
  • Checking material packaging and labeling.
  • 30% of the whole consignment is checked before dispatch (for post-production).
Overseeing pre-shipment procedures
  • Monitoring whether proper export legal procedures are followed.
  • Providing help to the supplier in regards to overall export procedures.
  • Closely coordinating with the supplier in arranging the shipment.
  • Overseeing and verifying shipment & insurance costs provided by the supplier.
Shipment monitoring
  • Actively sharing dispatch information and related documents.
  • Tracking the consignment.
  • Resolving any dispatch-related issues by coordinating with 3rd party CHA and the supplier if required.
Post-delivery support
  • Handling and raising any post-shipment issues like quality and return with the supplier.
  • Liaison between both parties to confirm successful order fulfillment.

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