Overarching Sourcing Package

Your sourcing agent in India.

Sourcing service is specially designed for importers considering the risks involved in finding a new supplier in a country you don’t know much about. It can be quite a headache finding a reliable source for your business in another country and managing the supply chain. As your buying or purchase agent in India, we are as good as your employee helping you with sourcing, supply chain, and order management in return for 5 – 10% service fees based on your order value. While we take care of your order, you can focus more on growing your business.

The overarching sourcing package is the most comprehensive service designed to provide
end-to-end service to our importers.


How it Works

Sourcing request.
  • Product description or drawing
  • Quantity (Annual or Initial order)
  • Preferred INCO terms (If any)
  • Quality parameters (If any)
  • Target Price (If any)
Analysing your requirements.
  • Product scope & analysis
  • 24 – 48hrs revert time
  • Sourcing possibility (Yes or No)
  • Eliminating doubts regarding product requirement by communicating with client
Supplier Research
  • Supplier Identification
  • Minimum 2 to 3 qualified suppliers
  • Specification review with shortlisted suppliers
  • Floating RFQ to supplier
  • Quotations from qualified suppliers
  • Sourcing report comparing price, lead time, MOQs, background information &brief analysis of manufacturers
  • Pricing, payment terms & delivery terms negotiation if client requests.
  • Client finalizes the supplier based on sourcing report
Product Compliance
  • Reviewing product quality standards
  • Product quality compliance & certification verification
Factory Audit & Inspection
  • Supplier’s factory inspection to determine their capabilities.
  • 1 man day inspection by our qualified quality control team member.
  • Factory inspection report; production line, factory evaluation& company background verification

Note: Inspection is free if the factory is within province, additional traveling & staying charges will apply if the factory is outside the province.

Order management
  • Product sampling & client approval
  • Product packaging & logo
  • Start of mass production
  • Order monitoring and lead time tracking
Final Quality Check
  • Mid-production or post-production or pre-shipment inspection
  • Inspection report; product quality, packaging, assembly and instructions

Note: Inspection is free if the factory is within province, additional traveling & staying charges will apply if the factory is outside the province.

Documentation Support
  • Overseeing export documentation & procedures
  • LC, shipment insurance & country wise legal certifications
  • Import/Export duties & landing cost calculation
Logistics Planning
  • Freight forwarder options
  • Freight charges comparison
  • Shipment dispatch
  • overseeing pre & post shipment documentation.

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