Inspection Service

Providing quality assurance for your peace of mind.

Quality is an essential part when you are purchasing something because you are paying for it. Risks of receiving sub-standard products are high, especially when you are purchasing them from an overseas manufacturer. There is nothing much you can do after the transition from factory to your warehouse is completed, sending goods back to your importer for repair or replacement can prove to be time-consuming and costly for both importers and the factories. India – West Trade Global is here to eliminate the risk part completely and to ensure that you receive the exact product you are paying for.

How it works ?

  • step1 You approach us with inspection request and details of factory you want us to inspect in India.
  • step2 You share with us the product detail, we discuss your requirements and decide the scope of inspection (i.e., PSI, DUPRO or PPI).
  • step3 We contact the factory and schedule the inspection.
  • step4 1 man/day inspection is held on the decided date.
  • step5 You get a detailed inspection report within 24 – 48hrs after the inspection is completed.

Major elements covered inspection report

These are the major elements you will find in our inspection report, it will depend on
what type of inspection you are opting for.

  • Quality
  • Packaging
  • Product Functionality
  • Product Specification
  • Consignment Readiness
  • Measurement Check
  • Branding & labelling
  • Raw material quality
  • Machinery condition
  • Production line

Types of inspection

Your Boots on ground QC partner in India