Factory or Supplier Audit

Are you looking for the right supplier for a long-term partnership? But uncertain of supplier’s potential?

Our Factory/SupplierAudit report will clear all your doubts and help you determine whether the supplier is capable enough to fulfill your needs.

Factory or Supplier Audit is a separate service designed for our importers to ensure trust in Indian Factories & Suppliers. We conduct 1 man day visit to the supplier’s factory to check their production capacity & quality control. Not only that, but we also visit the office (if any) premises to check and verify the identity & background of the supplier. An audit report is generated containing all information noted during factory/office visits. A report is generated after 48 – 72hrs of completion of the inspection, the report contains A to Z information on the supplier’s background & history to production capabilities & quality control (within the factory).

Why and when do you need Audit service?

  • When you are looking for a long-term partnership with the manufacturer.
  • When you are planning to place a large order.
  • To build confidence regarding your purchase from chosen manufacturer.
  • If you are purchasing for the first time.
  • To determine the order fulfillment capabilities of the manufacturer.
  • Know whether the supplier or manufacturer follows international quality standards.


You give us the details of the supplier you want us to Audit. We contact the supplier to discuss our Audit system and ask for their consent for the Audit, followed by finalizing the date of the Audit. On the decided date, we visit the supplier’s premises to start the audit process as explained below:

Company Assessment

  • Visiting supplier’s premises to verify name, address&
  • Meeting with a company representative and determining relevant department/person for Point of Contact.
  • Judging Point of Contact’s competency and English
  • Checking legal documents; Company registration, Firm type, Import-Export license/certificate & other relevant legal licenses and documents. (Subject to all the mandatory licenses by the Indian government)
  • Assessing the order flow procedures from
    sales to delivery.
  • Supplier’s experience in export, having In-house exports department and reviewing their knowledge of export documentation and procedures.

Factory Audit

  • Overviewing the production facility area.
  • Inspecting factory’s total machinery and its condition.
  • Quality of raw materials.
  • Reviewing the factory’s manufacturing processes, such as Welding, Assembly, etc.
  • Reviewing the factory’s internal inventory management system.
  • Evaluating the factory’s annual production capabilities.
  • Reviewing product packaging quality and branding process.

Quality Audit

  • Verifying internal quality system.
  • Quality management staff analysis.
  • Verifying third-party certifications, such as ISO certifications.
  • Examining the company’s product documentation such as QC checklists or lab testing documentation.
  • QC department’s handling of product complaint management.

Our Audit report helps you make better sourcing decisions and establish the right relationships.