Export Product Marketing

Want to sell your product in the international Market? Market your product with India – West Trade Global

In a growing market like India, it’s a dream of every SME of India to Export their product worldwide. But most of them have no clue where to start or how to do it. This is where we step in to help local SME’s in marketing their product on the digital medium, for them to achieve their desired sales target and fulfill their Export dreams.

Key areas we help you with

We have identified key areas where most exporters struggle. At India – West Trade Global we take care of these 6 key areas
for you and do the heavy lifting of marketing your product.

  • IdentifyingIdentifying Target Market i.e., focusing on right country for your product.
  • communicateCommunicate effectively with the buyers
  • digital-marketingUsing digital marketing to generate quality leads
  • potential-buyersFinding potential buyers
  • branding-promotionBranding & promotion
  • paymentPayments & negotiations

Our method

IdentifyingIdentifying right market or target market
  • Searching the right market (country) based on your HSN Code
  • Understanding global market trends through 3rd party Import – Export data search.
  • Finding potential of your product in the specific market i.e., import requirements of potential countries.
  • Analyze competition in target countries.
  • Prioritizing or shortlisting target markets (countries) based on competition analysis.
  • Commencing strategies to find potential buyers in these countries.
potential-buyersFinding potential buyers
  • Registering & searching buyers on E-commerce sites.
  • Help in registering and participating in International Exhibitions (or virtual exhibitions).
  • Using Google keywords search to find potential buyers in shortlisted countries.
  • Social media marketing; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest posts, etc.
  • Through 3rd party Import – Export data provider.
  • Approaching Indian embassies in target countries for customer data and identifying & shortlisting clients based on the data.
communicateCommunicating with buyers
  • Identifying prospects through research and planning communication accordingly.
  • Communicating with prospects through messaging, cold calling or email, to educate them regarding client’s products.
  • Converting prospects to leads and create a database of leads.
  • Regular follow-up on leads to grow confidence in them to buy client’s product.
  • Converting leads to customers and maintaining quality service through communication between both parties.
branding-promotionBranding & Promotion strategy
  • Improving/developing or managing an existing brand.
  • Developing new brand engagement strategies.
  • Running email marketing campaigns.
  • Handling and improving social media company pages.
  • Social media marketing; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest posts, etc.
  • Posting regular brand/product photos under our banner on social media pages.
digital-marketingLead generation via. digital marketing
  • Facebook, Google & LinkedIn Ads for target marketing
  • Encouraging and guiding clients to develop Export-oriented websites for better digital presence
  • LinkedIn outreach messaging.
  • Promotional videos on Youtube.
  • Using region-specific social networking websites like Viadeo, Xing.
paymentPayments & negotiations
  • Consulting clients on product pricing and determining the margin values.
  • Negotiating with customers on pricing, MOQs, etc. on behalf of our clients.
  • Negotiation payment terms with customers or buyers on behalf of our clients.
  • Helping our clients in securing payment by checking the geniuniness of customers.

We don’t have ready buyers for you, we create
a market base for your product.